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LG Pike offers a service of Grade Crossing Renewal. Often times, automobile crossing points on railway developments wear out or are in need of repair. LG Pike is specialized in the renewal or reconstruction of these sites. LG Pike utilizes its fleet of excavators to continue from where railway companies begin the process of renewal or reconstruction. This process is not the norm in this type of development, as LG Pike was the first and is the industry leader of this methodology. It has proven to be the most cost efficient and time saving method available today.


LG Pike assists the railway crews in the removal and disposal of old bridge parts. Piers, stringers and railing that is no longer usable. removal and clean up and transporting of debris to licensed landfill. LG Pike then assists with the process of drilling pier holes, driving piles, demolitions and setting new bridges.


LG Pike assists railway companies in new rail construction. Initial rail lifting with our patent pending "OffTrack Rail Lifter." installation of switches, relocation of switches, line overs, tie-ins to existing track, and clean up services. The LG Pike team utilizes our large fleet of industry grade equipment to efficiently complete projects that we are called upon to accomplish.


LG Pike offers Right of Way Clearing services. The cleaning of ditches, clearing trees, and removal of debris. The LG Pike team will send out an excavator and a dozer and on occasion a loader if needed. The LG Pike team then takes railway hazards out of the picture for safer railway transportation and proper drainage of run off water. This ensures that the sub base of the tracks integrity will not be compromised.


It is always a terrible thing when a train derails. No matter if it is transporting products or people. LG Pike offers derailment services to get the line back open quickly. LG Pike sends out excavators, bulldozers, crane and loaders to efficiently complete the project, all the while saving in response time and costs. LG Pike prides itself on 24/7 availability to react to any derailment within Kansas and Oklahoma areas.


LG Pike performs Offtrack Undercutting services with the most powerful Undercutter in the industry to date. Most powerful means that LG Pike is able to get into and complete a project with a minimal amount of track downtime. Our Undercutter (Patent Pending) was developed by LG Pike. The Undercutter is much more powerful than anything else on the market, allowing for more efficient use and less time on site while protecting our clients bottom line.

LG Pike offers tie inserting, tamping and cribbing services with a team of highly skilled operators that elevate LG Pike to the top of the list in quality, efficiency and professionalism associated with our services. This is our calling card and what we pride ourselves on the most.